The Manifest Destiny of telecommunications networks

As this piece evolved it has become somewhat of a companion to an earlier reflection called the Right to the Network. If you have time, it is recommended to read that one as well. Human beings have always transformed the environments in which they live, for better or for worse. In the modern era, this […] Read more +

The Right to the Network: on capitalism and next generation networks

by Peter Bloom “The central problem in advanced monopoly capitalism is not one of scarce resources clashing against innate, insatiable wants. Rather, it is one of an abundance of production clashing against saturated consumption and investment markets. In order to absorb potential economic output and forestall excess capacity, business interests must continuously search for new […] Read more +

Talkin’ ’bout my (5th) Generation

By Peter Bloom, General Coordinator For the past year and a half, part of my professional duties have included thinking about how to keep community networks relevant in an evolving technological and regulatory landscape. As such, I attended telecom industry conferences, read a lot and spoke with people working on connectivity from different backgrounds and […] Read more +