Who we are

Who we are

We work as a bridge between the potential users of the technology and the engineers and developers of these efforts to ensure the technology is deployed and appropriate for use in the developing world.


Our name references both the biological phenomena and the concept of the rhizome, which can we’ve worked to translate into a set of principles that inform our work and what we strive to achieve. Through our work we attempt to strike a balance between the benefits of interconnectedness and autonomy – two ideas that are seemingly at odds. We take inspiration from the rhizome in that if one is separated into pieces, each piece can give rise to a new plant. This change in approach is crucial in the telecommunications sector where spectrum is tightly regulated in favor of large corporations and technology is locked down by patents.

Our team

Peter Bloom
General Coordinator & Founder
Erick Huerta
Policy and Advocacy Coordinator
Keith Whyte
Technology Coordinator
Rafael Diniz
Technology team
Adriana Labardini Inzunza
Trusted Advisor & Board of Directors
Steve Song
Trusted Advisor & Board of Directors

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