Nils Brock

Co-Coordinator Innovation, Technology and Sustainability


Since 2016, Nils has been collaborating with Rhizomatica and leads work on the “Connecting the Unconnected: Supporting community networks and other community-based connectivity initiatives” (LocNet), a joint initiative with APC to support Community Networks. Nils studied Political Science, Communications and American Literature at FU Berlin, Germany. Since 2005 he has worked as a media trainer and freelance broadcasting journalist in Mexico, Chile and Brazil. In Mexico, in 2009, Nils participated in the creation of flujos-vivos, the first Linux/GNU software compilation applied to the needs of Latin American community media. This work was follow by a five year involvement in the Brazilian chapter of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), working on media regulation, digital broadcasting and media training with indigenous and Afro-descendant communicators from the Amazon region. In addition to his work with Rhizomatica, he currently coordinates the development of an open-source platform for DW Akademie that aims to strengthen the digital production, exchange and content sharing of community media in the Global South.