Carlos Baca

Capacity-building and Training programs

Carlos holds a Master’s and Doctorate in Sociology from the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities “Alfonso Vélez Pliego” of the BUAP and Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from UDLAP. He is also a member of CONACyT’s National System of Researchers-Level 1 (Mexico) since August 2019.

Carlos has focused much of his work on the development of training processes for indigenous and community communicators. Since 2016, he has coordinated “Techio Comunitario” a training program for technical promoters in indigenous communities in Mexico. From 2019, as an expert consultant on indigenous peoples’ issues for the ITU, he developed and continues to deliver the “Training program for the management of ICT networks in indigenous and rural communities in Latin America”. Since 2020, Carlos also coordinates the training and mentoring area in the project “Connecting the Unconnected: Supporting community networks and other community-based connectivity initiatives” implemented in Latin America, Asia and Africa by APC and Rhizomatica.

Previously, Dr. Baca was a professor at several universities in Puebla, Mexico, and has developed several studies and publications on community media and rural and indigenous telecommunications projects. Since 2019 he performs this work as a researcher at the Center for Research in Community Technologies and Knowledge (CITSAC).