Community Base Station

Telefonia celular autónoma y única en el mundo

25 Jun

Artículo en castellano de Desinformémonos

Short video about our first site

25 Apr

[vimeo w=500&h=281] Things are coming along nicely so far. Over 300 people are signed up for local service and we are testing out the simple pay-as-you-go billing software that we developed as a precursor to getting “long-distance” calls up and running.

First site up and running

12 Mar

  We did it! After much fiddling around with equipment and an adventure getting the antenna and mast up and secure, our first pilot site is running smoothly, offering local service for $1.2o USD per month (with long-distance to come in the next days). So far around 90 people have signed up and the base […]


21 Feb

[vimeo w=500&h=281] Rhizomatica campaign video from Rhizomatica Communications on Vimeo.


5 Dec

Mobile communications are an increasingly important platform for the delivery of critical services in rural and impoverished areas. Mobile phones are used for much more than inter-personal communications. Doctors can diagnose patients, people can send and receive money, users can crowd source crisis information, and so on. According to the International Telecommunications Union, 2-3 billion […]