Get involved

Get involved

Have you found out about our work and projects and you have similar goals, or you just like it and are eager to collaborate in some way? Maybe you’ve got some extra time and would like to learn something new?


Rhizomatica maintains a long list of ever changing tasks on our TODO list, so we wont list them specifically here.
Rather, our project represents learning and collaboration opportunities in many fields such as:

  • Autonomy
  • Generally being creative with existing software tools to meet the needs of the project
  • Local community networking and network services
  • Medium range Wi-Fi links
  • Mobile Telephony core networks
  • Resource management
  • RF engineering
  • RTP
  • Scripting and Programming in a range of modern (and some not so modern) languages
  • Server maintenance
  • Systems administration
  • Telephony soft PBX
  • Unreliable or intermittently connected networks
  • vSAT technology
  • Alternative energy
  • HF radio

If you want to learn and work in any of these areas, the best thing is probably to jump onto our IRC channel on freenode. It’s quiet there, but somebody will eventually respond. Once you’ve taken a look at our software, systems and needs and are serious about helping out, we could have a further conversation.

Also note that,  – particularly if you live in or would be eager to travel to and live in one of the areas where we have a local project, then there is always a possibility of establishing a more formal work relationship with the project.


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